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Fifty years of helping people when that unexpected happens.


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When bad luck shows up, you can count on AMCM.
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We support the use of E15, a safe and affordable alternative to gasoline.


Fundraising for Any Group or Orginization

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Association Motor Club Marketing is the most affordable dispatch roadside service offered in the world today.

AMCM specializes in providing emergency roadside service tailored to colleges, alumni associations, banks, credit unions, corporations, non-profit associations, unions, or any other fraternal group. We partner with your organization to help provide your people a sense of safety while on the road. With over fifty years of experience, our leaders are pioneers in the emergency roadside service industry.

Did you know?

  • Our dispatch is rated #1 by service providers
  • We have the quickest response time in the industry
  • Average call time is less than 7 minutes

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Over 19 Million Customers!

Association Motor Club Marketing is on a mission to make the roadside a safer place when that unexpected happens. At AMCM, we pledge to always be there to serve and support our members. We are honored to welcome you and your family into our continuously growing AMCM Family!

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