Artic Cat ATV


To be given away at the 2017 National FFA Convention


1. Have your Advisor sign up your chapter.

2. Be the FFA member to sell the most AMCM Memberships between now and 9/3/2017

Terms and Conditions

*Use and operation of an ATV can at times involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. The ATV must be, and can only be, received and accepted by a legal guardian of the winning minor, and that the accepting legal guardian will be treated for all purposes as the recipient of the ATV, and will be required to execute a Liability Release and Indemnity form, as well as any other documents required by AMCM, in order to claim the ATV. AMCM is not responsible for any injury associated with the ATV.

**In order for ATV eligibility, a minimum of 1,000 AMCM memberships must be sold in the entirety of the FFA organization as a whole.

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